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We are true pioneers of drone technology. Our multiple award-winning team of designers, producers, technicians and aeronautical engineers designs, plans and implements premium drone shows around the world for live entertainment, corporate events and spectacular marketing campaigns - as a highlight for your event or as a completely independent multimedia show.

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Jens Hillenkötter

The creative mind behind the Nocturne Drone Shows is Guinness World Record holder Jens Hillenkötter, one of the best-known and most successful producers of drone shows. In a career spanning more than 20 years, the experienced and multi-award-winning designer has organized numerous major events worldwide - including the ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Beijing and the XXVII Universale in leading positions. He is also a sought-after drone expert, advises authorities, cities and countries and regularly gives keynotes at the Future of Festivals, ProLight+Sound and IFA Berlin, among others.

The creative head of Nocturne Drone Shows is the Guinness Word Record Holder Jens Hillenkötter, one of the best known and most successful producers of multimedia shows with drones. In his more than 20-year career, the experienced and multi-award-winning Designer has organized numerous major events worldwide - such as the ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Beijing and the XXVII. Universale - accompanied in leading positions. He is also great demand as a drone expert, advises authorities, cities and countries and regularly gives keynotes at the Future of Festivals, ProLight+Sound and the IFA Berlin, among others. Jens Hillenkötter has been a seconded expert for DIN/CEN since 2023, where he has been instrumental in developing new standards for drone shows. His expertise and experience help to shape professional guidelines and standards for the industry and promote the safety and quality of drone operations at events. 


How much lead time does a professional drone show need?
In order to be able to plan and carry out a drone show safely and professionally, we recommend 8-12 weeks in advance, depending on the general conditions. If the event parameters allow, shorter lead times are also possible. However, certain regulatory and aviation processes require minimum lead times, which vary from region to region. Due to the persistently high demand for drone shows, we recommend inquiring about appointments as early as possible.
How much does a drone show cost?
The costs of our drone shows depend primarily on the general conditions, the number of drones used and the individual wishes of our customers. For more sensitive budgets, we also offer a selection of ready-made shows. These can be individualized at certain points by replacing one or more motifs (e.g. customer logo and message). Our stock shows are developed by the same award-winning creative team that designs our custom shows. In addition, we have various drone fleets for different requirements and areas of application. From the highly secure high-end drones for use at premium events and marketing campaigns to special compact drones that were specially developed for use at small and medium-sized events with more sensitive budgets and for art installations. However, the costs of any serious, safe and professionally planned show are at least in the five-digit range.
Are drone shows safe?
Our proprietary drone fleets are proven to be among the safest and most reliable in the world. This is why we are the number one choice for high profile events. As a recognized aviation company, we are subject to strict specifications and regular checks that ensure that a maximum level of security is guaranteed at each of our shows. In order to avoid the ever-growing danger of third-party drones, we are the only company in the world to use air surveillance systems as standard. If required, these can be specially tailored and expanded to meet the requirements of your event in order to fully protect your event against unauthorized drones.

Our special Security & Defense department is the leading provider of stationary and mobile drone detection and defense systems especially for the event sector and would be happy to advise you individually on the subject of drone security. More information:
Can the drone show also take place in bad weather?

Wind, rain and cold can not only impair the show experience for the spectators, but also affect the technology. Depending on the drone fleet, fresh wind, drizzle and a bit of cold are no problem. The weather is a fixed planning parameter of our shows right from the start, and so we already include weather data in the evaluation during the feasibility study.


Our project management observes the weather developments on the day of the event days before construction and coordinates them with the weather services on an ongoing basis. If a safe drone show can no longer be guaranteed, the staging must be canceled or postponed.


Since weather conditions can also develop more violently than announced, the responsible pilot makes the final decision on the day of the event as to whether a drone show can be carried out safely. In case of doubt: Better safe than sorry!

How sustainable are drone shows?

Even if the drones do not release any fine dust or CO2 emissions during the show, indirect factors (e.g. charging infrastructure, logistics, etc.) must be taken into account.


Out of conviction, we do everything technically and humanly possible to reduce the carbon footprint of our shows to a minimum. We have been developing sustainable solutions with our partners for years. As pioneers in the sustainable energy supply of our shows, we use e.g. solar-powered pop-up power modules instead of diesel aggregates to supply our required infrastructure with electricity. The fact that the band Coldplay, as a pioneer of sustainable touring, is now also using this technology on their "Music of the Spheres" tour shows that we are on the right track.

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