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We create professional, outstanding drone shows for corporate events, live entertainment and marketing campaigns – either as evening highlight of your event or as multi media show spectacular. Our expert team consist of highly experienced professional drone pilots as well as leading engineers and developers. We are true drone technology pioneers, running our own proprietary drone platform of fully compatible hard- and software specially developed for drone shows. It includes security features tailored to events, making our drone fleet the safest in the world. We develop, program and fly light show drones as well as spectacular entertainment solutions with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Nocturne Drone Shows is an internationally licensed aviation enterprise. The team has already produced a large number of drone shows worldwide. Our drone soft- and hardware platform is dedicated to the specific requirements of light show operations. It features safety protocols that allow flying even in high-security areas. Nocturne’s high-precision and colorfast drones are the brightest light show drones on the market and the first choice when it comes to displaying logos and motifs on night skies.

Nocturne’s creative brain is guiness record holder Jens Hillenkötter, one of the best-known and most successful designers and producers of drone featuring multi media shows worldwide. He has designed countless tour productions of international top acts and has been in responsible positions at major global events such as the Olympic Games. His experience and know-how in the staging of multi media events is recognized by happy clients all over the world.

Jens is a true multi media allrounder at the highest of levels. His ability to integrate all show-related processes - from conceptual work and storyboard to design, technical planning and music production - into one coherent workflow guarantees great show experiences and smooth processes. With over 20 years of experience as a professional designer, show producers and drone innovator, Jens knows exactly what it takes to make your show a fantastic, breathtaking experience. Thanks to his deep understanding of brands and marketing as well as dramaturgy and technical finesse, he creates long lasting media images that stick in the mind.

As an internationally experienced production company, Nocturne Drone Shows offers the entire concept, planning and realization of your event from one single provider, promising you more than just a drone show.


Concept development


Design & Visualization

Music production


Show integration



Feasibility analysis

Security concept

Approval process

Administrative communication



Infrastructure & Security

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Unsere Drohnenflotte gilt als die sicherste der Welt. Aber auch außerhalb von Drohnenshows schützen wir unsere Kunden unter Einsatz modernster Technologien vor ungebetenen Drohnen.

Unsere Abteilung Nocturne® Drone Detection Systems bietet vollumfänglichen Schutz gegen unerwünschte Drohnen. Ob Luftraumüberwachung bei Großveranstaltungen, Abwendung von Anschlagsgefahren bei VIP-Events oder Schutz vor Prototypenaufnahmen aus der Luft – wir stellen sicher, dass Gefahren durch Drohnen rechtzeitig erkannt und abgewendet werden können. Dafür bieten wir eine Reihe von Optionen an, von der Drohnendetektion bis zur wirksamen Abwehr von UAVs.

Dank unserer Kooperation mit Dedrone, dem führenden Hersteller von Hard- und Software zur Drohnenabwehr, können wir schnell auf sich verändernde technische Gegebenheiten und neue Drohnentechnologie reagieren. Des Weiteren entwickeln wir laufend weitere Lösungen für zukünftige Anforderungen.



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